Nichole Gladney has provided her expertise as a Licensed Professional Counselor to the state of Texas for six years.  Holding three Degrees (a Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Science and two Masters Degrees in Psychology and Professional Counseling), her skills and opinions have been highly sought after by News and Television networks, with frequent appearances on FOX and ABC affiliates.  Recognized as a true expert in her field, Nichole's unique professional insight has helped provide guidance to thousands of individuals in need.

Nichole has served as a Crisis Counselor, a School Counselor, and a Therapist in an Acute Care Psychiatric Facility, further expanding her general knowledge and experience in the field of professional counseling.  In addition to these many accomplishments, Ms. Gladney has served as the President of The Houston Licensed Professional Counseling Association. Prior to her election to the organizations highest seat, she served as the Communications Chair for three years. 

Despite all of her accolades, Nichole's true passion is helping individuals with suicidal ideations, depression, anxiety, and self-harm. Her experience has equipped her with the distinct ability to create a safe and caring climate for clients, allowing for truly collaborate interactions to help identify their problems, needs and wants while being able to remain non-judgemental.